1000 Lumen Flashlight: Frequently Asked Questions

   Confusion On 1000 Lumen Flashlight, Is It Justified?

There seem to be a lot of mix-up on the 1000 lumen flashlight and the rest of the high lumen flashlights. This stems from the failure to define what “lumen” really means. If it seems you are getting bogged down by all the terms, it is not your fault.

With the amount of data you have on this subject on the internet, it is easy to feel you are in a maze. And when you are getting a hang of it, you read a piece that seems to tear and shred everything you have ever read into pieces.

We are going to do this jointly and put a stop to the confusion and confusionists. Forget all you have read before on the Luminosity of flashlight and focus on getting the best from this piece. I know a number of questions have been raging through your mind, I promise all, and well almost all will be answered in this write-up

Okay let’s cut to the chase, the questions below have been repeatedly asked and have been begging for answers. The answers are all provided here

                                                          What is Lumen?

Simply put Lumen (Lm) is a measure of the amount of light produced by a light source. As you have units of measurements like Kg for weight, KM for distance so also we have Lumen (Lm) for light produced in all direction.

1000 lumen flashlight

1000 lumen flashlight

For a long time, there has been confusion between Watt and Lumen. The former is a measure of the amount of electricity/power consumed or needed to produce light. The latter however measure light produced. The lumen has also been called luminous power or luminous flux.

You should strive to get a flashlight with low wattage and high lumens. This will ensure your battery or power source is efficiently and effectively used

                           How many Lumens do You Need For a Good LED Flashlight?

The amount of lumen you require depends on the type of activity you want to get done. If you are using the flashlight in your home, high lumen may not be required. In the home, 100 to 500 lumens is okay.

For expert purpose or for those that require flashlights in highly dangerous or life or death situations a high lumen flashlight is required. This should start from 700 lumens flashlight to as high as 90,000 lumens in movie or film production.

However note that the rate at which a 1000 lumen flashlight will consume your battery or discharge is not the same as 5000 lumen flashlight. There can also be a plus to having a high lumen flashlight, it can be used professionally and at the same time can be used for other domestic purpose

                                                                How to test the lumens in a flashlight?

Testing the lumens in flashlight presents a special type of problem. As the light is emitted, a part of it is lost in transit and farther away from a wall the light is, the less the lumen that can be recovered. Manufacturers usually publish the highest lumen possible from a flashlight but this can depend on the current and voltage supplied

For the measurement of the lumen, lux meter is required. The measurement has to be done under controlled environment to make the readings as accurate as possible.

                                                                                     Can flash light of 1000 lumen travel a distance of 1Km?
1000 lumen flashlight

1000 lumen flashlight

Light can travel through space infinitely unless it meets a barrier. A 1000 lumen flashlight can be used to view an object at a distance of 1km at least to the naked eyes. However, a person standing at a distance of 1km can make out this light as long as there is enough darkness

In order to save cost 1000 lumen flashlight can be used at home and outside the home. So, you might not need to buy different flashlight to serve these different purposes.













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