Choosing a High Power Flashlight:Most Important Factors

1000 lumen flashlight

Searching through the internet to buy a high power flashlight can be time wasting with the millions of products that abound on World Wide Web. This is so because there is no barrier to the entry of most E commerce industry. If you want to get the best high power flashlight now, click the picture  below.

High Power Flashlight

Our High Power Flashlight Recommendation


We therefore find ourselves overwhelmed by large number of products to sieve through. We feel we have made the wrong decision after purchase. In any case,  the disclaimer that is boldly stated on their websites cover these companies

This situation is mostly because of lack of enough facts on the product purchased. It is therefore germane to be aware of the basic details to decide what is best in certain states.

Many of us desire high intensity flashlights for various reasons. The few reasons below will give a better idea of the value of bright flashlights. It will help you decide the uses to which you can put it

 What are the Most Popular Uses of the High Power Flashlight?


  1. Flashlights turn Night into day: Have you ever lost a pin in thick darkness, found yourself in the basement of your house. Imagine searching through the roof while laying conduit pipes, stuck in darkness as a result of power glitch.These types of situation really make us wish we have a powerful flashlight that make out a pin even in the darkness.When you think of checking your house for molds, looking to check the source of water leaks from any part of your home, you know you need LED flashlight. Riding your bicycle in pitch darkness, taking your kids on hiking trips or general exploit in the park can really make you need a flashlight.Picture going for hunting trip in a dark reserve with howling bears all around you. You know deep inside of you there are daring animals to contend with apart from the howling bear. You go into the forest reserve hoping everything will go smoothly without any danger.Then all of a sudden, you could make out two shining eyes through the darkness staring intently at you.You decide to let your friends know you have company.Only to notice they were entranced by the presence of other eyes moving towards your spot as if to say, “we got you”.

    This might be a little bit stagy but situations like this send a chill down your spine. You will want to avoid such by bringing the brightest flashlight in the world to reduce the tension and uncover the identity of the “Shining eyed friends”.

  1. A powerful Flashlight can blind a bear: The most basic of human emotion is survival. No matter the amount of preparation, there is always a chance of forgetting basic survival skills as the Adrenalin activates in risky situations.The good news is, it is easy to point a beam of light at the face of a foe especially when it is obvious it has an advantage.Shining a high powered flashlight at a bear can disorient it;you can therefore plan your escape before it can regain some level of orientation.
  1. Tactical Flashlight for Self Defense: The flashlight can be used in dangerous situations. There have been cases of rape and kidnap that could have been avoided with a simple tactical flashlight.Imagine you are walking toward the basement parking lot.You could see something move in the shadows very close to your car but you could not really picture what it is. You decide to be brave and proceed with the walk towards your car.This could end up as a disaster easily.You don’t have to walk into the unknown if you have your torch flashlight handy. In such situations, just bring out your high power torch and shine into the darkness so you can see very well and make out what’s lurking in the darkness.If there is someone lurking in the dark, you can easily disorient the attacker for 3 to 5 seconds, for you to take off and escape.In the event you are alone without a powerful flashlight and you can feel danger around the parking lot. Go back inside and request for an escort before going back, most attackers will be deterred by the presence of one extra person and might abandon the attack
  1. Flashlights come in handy with a gun: Military actions and other gun linked act require the use of the best tactical flashlight available. As a police or detective, you never know where your search will take you. It is of necessity to be prepared for all outcomes.Running through allies and dark places while on hot chase does not have to be scary and dangerous again.Your high power LED torch can lead you through unsafe zones and make you calm even in the darkest part of your operation.Stun guns with flashlights are very great combinations that are needed in the arsenal of a serious police officer. Most of the time it can help in search operations in dark houses with unexpected outcomes.Hunters also need the flashlight for more visual range and to pinpoint the target area for a more informed plan of operations


    High Intensity Flashlight

  1. Flashlights are useful in Cinematography and Painting: Filming night scenes and taking pictures during movie making can be made satisfying with use of great flashlight with high lumens. This can project an image that is radiant to look at and lovely to the eyes and mind.In fact it will be impossible to shoot night scenes without the use of light for the movie itself and other arrangement. The flashlight goes with focus of the lens and it is good to have a light with the capacity to adjust the focus of the light.

                  Best Features of High Powered Flashlight for Best User Experience

  •  Strong Body Build: For durability, the best and lasting military grade flashlights are built to last for longer than you can imagine. This is why they can be trusted anytime and day.This is really easy to get, I mean will you really be comfortable going to a dangerous zone with fake torch?Military, law enforcement mission or camping site with your family members (including kids) in the dark cannot be great knowing that the flashlight you have could malfunction or break if it falls.Makers of the best high power led flashlights will not risk the safety of their clients with inferior body materials. That is why high intensity flashlights are built with aircraft grade aluminum that can last longer even in rugged terrains.Falling from great heights does not affect the capacity to produce long distance lights with its steadfast LED lights. The body is so strong it can be used to wade off enemies and as weapon in dangerous and high tensed situations like robbery attack.How incredible is that when you think of  “value for money”


    High Power Flashlight

  • Adjustable Focus Beam: Though the light from the flashlight can cover a long distance, sometimes there is a need to focus the beam of light on a particular spot. The adjustable beam allows you zoom in and out of targets thus giving a satisfying user experience.The adjustable beam is especially useful for military and law enforcement agents as it can come in handy with their gun. It is used by investigators to study evidences most especially in a dark crime scene.With adjustable beam, you are sure to be able to see tiny objects in the dark
  •  Light Weight and Compact: The best high powered LED flashlight is a trusted companion anywhere. It is mostly light weight and can be drawn out anytime in order to view around. It is compact and can be handled easily without being a burden to the user.It is sometimes a surprise to see an object as small and compact as this with so much power to view the dark. However, people who are aware of the power of this device do not “address it as it’s is dressed”
  •  High Luminosity and Durability of the LED: The LED brings the brightest light that can ever be imagined. Most times from 700 lumens and above, the LED is so durable that it can last for up to and over 100,000 hours.It has the ability to absorb shock from falling on a hard surface.
  • Water resistant and Dust Resistant: The best flashlights can work in strange situation even in the water environment. A major feature of reliable flashlight is that it can survive dust and water because it is super sealed to protect against such intrusions.You can use it for diving under water with ease. It will find what you are looking for at the sea bed within a short period of time.So if you are like me that like playing at the sea bed, this bright LED torch will guide you through your next swimming voyage without a hitch.It is a result of wide research into what makes a flashlight special for every occasion
  • Rechargeable  18650 Lithium Ion Battery and Charger: These rechargeable batteries mean you do not have to stay in the dark. You can recharge the battery and ensure that it is ready for the next exploit within the twinkling of an eye.The batteries last long and recharge with easeThe maintenance of your Bright LED flashlight is made easier because you do not have to buy batteries like in the case of the non-rechargeable ones. You can rest easy as all you have to do is remember to plug the flashlight into the power outlet. How is that for easy?These features will ensure you will never be let down.The satisfaction of the customer has been put into the design of one of the best and useful gadget that has ever been produced. I mean it is almost as if you say “let there be light” and voila there is the brightest light. And to think that the makers are still not resting on the oars, always improving on the design


                                                     Most Powerful Flashlight Recommendation

 The flashlight that has all the qualities listed above and more is the XT808 LED flashlight. This is a flashlight that was released by the Primitive Survivors. The flashlight manufacturer made a lot of significant claims about how the flashlight works. This includes its ability to blind a bear and survive extreme weather conditions. It is recommended for military purposes as it produces about 800 Lumen of light.

                                      Are These Claims on The XT808 LED flashlight Real?

It is important to take look at the most significant features of this flashlight listed below;

  • Length of 1 inches to 6.18 inches
  • Strobe light modes ranging from SOS, low, medium, high
  • Focusing beam of up to 2000x
  • Aircraft grade aluminum alloy
  • Scratch resistant and Waterproof
  • Cree XM-L LED emitter
  • Lamp life of about 200,000 with rechargeable AAA batteriesAll features seem to be as claimed by the manufactures according our test and from reviews of the product by different consumers all over the world

                                           How Much the does the XT808 LED Flashlight Cost?

High Power Flashlight

High Power Flashlight

There is a 75% cut in the price of the flashlight that can be assessed from the official website of the Primitive Survivors here. Mostly you will be paying between $40 to $65 for this flashlight.

The primitive Survivors claim the flashlight is used by the Military as it has all the requirement of a rugged flashlight. However, this claim has not been authenticated as at the time of the review of XT808 LED Flashlight

In addition to the flashlight, the primitive survivor company which claims to sell all gear that required for survival in the forest or desert also sell the following equipment; Gerber Infinity LED Light,5.11TMT L2 Flashlight and the 5.11 SR H3 Headlamp

                           Making the Final Decision on the Purchase of the XT808 LED Flashlight

The flashlight is made from aircraft grade aluminum, scratch resistant and waterproof. Apart from that it produces 800 lumen of light that covers quite a distance. All these features make it a good flashlight for any condition or weather.

If you want a premium high power LED  flashlight with quality material that will not disappoint in high stake situations, go for the XT808 LED Flashlight. You can do a lot with high power flashlight if you purchase the flashlight with right features